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Our People & Culture

Our Culture

Our culture is focused on high performing employees who are allowed to achieve their full potential in an innovative, progressive and nurturing environment.

What we value in our people:

  • Trust, Honesty and Accountability – The upholding of trust, honesty and individual and organisation accountability in all we do and say.
  • Dignity and Respect – The right of each and every person to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Community Strengthening – The spirit and ethos of strengthening communities through providing training, employment and education.
  • Initiative and Creativity – The initiative and creative potential of individuals and the contribution they make to MADEC.
  • Growth and Development – The professional growth and development of board members, management and staff that will enhance their skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement – The development and delivery of high quality services to our clients and customers through continuous improvement and organisational development processes.
  • Economic, Social & Environmental Sustainability – The principles and practices of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

These values describe how we interact with our customers, clients, the community and each other.

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