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Job Seekers Resource Centre

MADEC offer a range of resources to assist you to build your resume, gain training and build your confidence. We can help you in achieving your employment goals. If you would like more information, feel free to get in touch with our Employment Consultants or Trainers by contacting us.

Useful Job Search Websites
Goal Setting

Creating an email account

Creating an email account is quite easy. We have put together instructions “Creating a Email Account” for you to sign up and send an email with a document, such as a Resume.

The most popular email providers are:

  • Google (
    Head to Google Mail to be taken to the sign up form for Google Email
  • Windows Live (also known as Hotmail)
    Head to Windows Live Mail to be taken to the sign up form for Windows Live Email
  • Yahoo (
    Head to Yahoo Mail to be taken to the sign up form for Yahoo Email

Should I do Training?

Having a qualification can really help you get a job. If you don’t have any qualifications, you might want to consider studying or gaining a certificate in your interested field. MADEC is a registered training organising and offer around fifty nationally accredited qualifications and courses, plus a wide variety of short courses, both classroom based and online. Speak to one of staff today.

More courses can be found at:

Applying for a Job

You have found a job vacancy or position that interests you. The next step is to apply in a way that clearly shows you have the ability, skills and experience to do the job. MADEC provides information to help you apply for that job!

Setting Up a Cover letter
Resume Tips

Resume Templates

The resume is your first contact with a potential employer. It should provide a clear picture of your professional experience and convince the employer you are the right person for the role. Here are three templates that MADEC have put together to help you get started.

Resume Template1
Resume Template2
Resume Template3

 Getting Ready for an Interview

Interview Questions