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What support can a MADEC jobseeker receive?

I have gained employment. What next?
Step 1 : Advise MADEC as soon as you have secured employment (Supply employer details and conditions of employment)
Step 2 : Provide MADEC with pay advice (Following each pay period for the period of Post Placement Support generally 6 months)
Step 3 : Declare your earnings through Centrelink (DHS) correctly

MADEC can show you how to do this.


What support will you receive once you have gained employment?

Regular contact from your PPS Officer locally in person or by phone and/or phone support from MADEC’s Central Monitoring Team based in Mildura. This contact identifies how much support is required during your employment

MADEC may be able to assist with suitable work clothing, safety equipment or further training to help maintain your employment

Social support – confidential phone or face to face support by one of our qualified social workers

Further employment support to increase hours

What support can an Employer receive when you join their workplace?

Wage subsidies for up to 6 months
•(Conditions apply)
•Post placement support to ensure the
•employment is sustainable
•Our Employment Brokers or Labour Hire Consultants
•can take care of your staffing requirements

For more information contact your local MADEC office on 1300 436 332