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Work Entitlement Card

Australian employers are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure they are not employing or contracting illegal workers.

At MADEC, we can help diminish the stress of contracting illegal workers and help determine whether they have the appropriate Visa rights. Our MADEC Work Entitlement Cards clearly state if your workers have rights to be on your farm.


MADEC Work Entitlement Cards include employees photo, Visa type details, Visa expiry date and includes a scannable code with added security measures. (The design of the card is subject to change regularly) 

Prior to MADEC issuing a Work Entitlement Card, each worker has their work entitlements checked.
To provide accuracy for growers, MADEC will confirm with The Department of Home Affairs website to ensure workers who hold a Visa are eligible to work in Australia.

If you ever have any enquiries regarding the validity of a worker’s MADEC card please contact your nearest MADEC Harvest Office.


MADEC Harvest Labours Service include :

• MADEC Harvest Labour Office will check current visa details and conditions for employees not born in Australia
• Meet with you to identify your seasonal workforce needs
• Actively promote your harvest vacancies locally and nationally
• Attract and pre-screen workers to ensure eligibility and suitability
• Provide work entitlement checks and work inductions at NO COST

Call MADEC today, 1800 062 332 to talk to any of our experienced team, or organise for an in person site visit to your property to discuss the most appropriate solution for your harvest labour needs or visit