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Sophia and Ethan – From the Sunshine Coast to Cairns, via Bundaberg

Sophia and Ethan are a young couple travelling the Harvest Trail together. Ethan is Australian travelling up from Victoria, while Sophia is from Germany on a working holiday visa. They started their journey together in Victoria with clear plans, but They left Victoria before COVID took a hold to go holidaying in NSW.  However, with […]

Devonport – gateway to Tasmania

Anyone who has travelled to beautiful Tasmania via ferry knows that Devonport is the place where you first set foot on Australia’s only island state. The port on the Mersey River was established by colonial settlers leading into the mid-1800s, with both locally mined coal and then timber benefiting the new town which started on […]

Backpacker Travel Advice

Make sure you have a confirmed job before travelling. Backpackers should ensure they have confirmed work and accommodation before travelling to rural areas where fruit picking and packing jobs are available. Backpackers leaving Australia Looking for agricultural work? While large parts of other industries have either shut down or are operating at reduced capacity, agriculture […]

New Tumbarumba Accomodation – The Gold Standard

Low-cost accommodation is essential for young travellers in need of a home base to find work, but ‘budget’ does have not to mean low quality. Budget accommodation Essential to Support Workers Many farms, especially fruit or vegetable farms, need to attract seasonal workers during peak times.  Some of these workers may live in the local […]

Blueberries – from the Americas to Australia

Production and consumption statistics in recent years clearly show that blueberries are more at home in their native North America than anywhere else in the world.  However, the growing and selling of blueberries is fast becoming a significant commodity in Australia too, providing an increasing number of seasonal jobs. Blueberries – late bloomers in Australia […]

COVID-19 – accommodation for travelling workers

Essential workers and COVID-19 exemptions Workers in horticulture have been deemed ‘essential labour’ under COVID-19 conditions so have been exempted from many travel and quarantine requirements. However, there are some practical limitations on movement and obtaining work on farms. If you are a travelling worker armed with knowledge and are organised, you will have a […]

COVID-19 – Update – For anyone looking for agriculture work

Covid-19 – Update – For anyone looking for agriculture work It is now around five weeks since the COVID-19 outbreak lead to widespread changes to social interaction and travel in Australia. For anyone looking for agriculture work these changes have had a major impact on how much work is available, and whether you can travel […]

Coronavirus – should I be concerned?

Coronavirus – should I be concerned? If you are not in an area where coronavirus is spreading, or have not travelled from an area where coronavirus is spreading, or have not been in contact with an infected patient, your risk of infection is low. Current status of the virus Since the first detection of unusual […]