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Finding workers in a COVID world – planning is the key

It is now about five months since the COVID-19 pandemic started to have a significant impact in Australia, with the first national movement restrictions commencing on Wednesday 18th March. Much has happened since that time with restrictions becoming more stringent, then easing, before being reinstated in Victoria. Likewise border restrictions have changed from open to […]

Fair Farms Now Accepted By All Major Supermarkets

Good news for Australian horticulture growers – Coles has adopted the Fair Farms program into its ethical sourcing program for suppliers, joining Woolworths and Aldi as the major retailers to adopt the program. What is Fair Farms? Fair Farms is an industry-led initiative aimed at fostering fair and responsible employment practices in Australian horticulture, and […]

Managing your Employment Risks – Wage Records and Payslips

Wage records As an employer, and like every employer, you are legally required to keep records of all transactions relating to your tax, employment, and superannuation affairs.  Employment record-keeping and pay slip obligations are designed to ensure that employees receive their correct wages and entitlements – and to make it easier for the Fair Work […]

New Tumbarumba Accomodation – The Gold Standard

Low-cost accommodation is essential to attract seasonal workers, but ‘budget’ does have not to mean low quality. Budget accommodation Essential to Support Workers Many horticulture enterprises need to attract seasonal workers during peak times, usually harvest.  Some of these workers may be available in the local community, especially regulars that return each year.  However, a […]

Grower Profile – Rod & Jeanette Dalton

Grantham Orchards, Lockyer Valley Region, Queensland After 32 years, Rod Dalton knows a thing or two about growing fruit.  It was in the early 2000s when a lack of water in the Lockyer Valley region led Rod to change crops from citrus and avocados to stone fruit, persimmons and figs.  This change has proven to […]

Blueberries – from the Americas to Australia

Production and consumption statistics in recent years clearly show that blueberries are more at home in their native North America than anywhere else in the world.  However, the growing and selling of blueberries is fast becoming a significant commodity in Australia too, providing an increasing number of seasonal jobs. Blueberries – late bloomers in Australia […]

MADEC welcomes new State Manager to the Harvest Trail Information Service (HTIS)

MADEC Australia is happy to announce the appointment of Donna Mogg to the position of HTIS State Manager responsible for Queensland and Northern Territory. Donna joins Robert Hayes and Peter Angel to become the third State Manager, to further the objectives of the Harvest Trail Information Service. The primary role of State Managers is to […]

COVID-19 Impact on worker availability

COVID-19 Impact on worker availability The word on everybody’s lips at the moment is coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19. Every segment of the economy will be affected in some form, but for the horticulture industry a major concern is the supply of seasonal workers. Situation rapidly changing The term ‘uncharted waters’ is being widely used […]

Coronavirus – will it impact worker availability

Coronavirus – will it impact worker availability Since the first detection of unusual pneumonia cases in the Chinese port city of Wuhan on 31 December 2019, and subsequent identification of the novel coronavirus as the cause, the virus has rapidly spread. As of 5 March 2020, the outbreak has now been identified in 77 countries […]

Are you sure your workers are illegal?

Are you sure your workers are illegal? Yes, I meant to say illegal? There are two parallel stories here, the ‘Bridging Visa rort’ and the use of undocumented workers in the horticulture industry. What is the ‘Bridging Visa rort’? Non-citizens who have overstayed their visas and volunteer their presence to authorities are often provided with […]