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Grower Profile – Horsfall’s Cardross Vineyard Pty. Ltd.

Mark Horsfall from Horsfall’s Cardross Vineyard tells us about his business and how MADEC Harvest Trail Services helped recruit the right people to carry out his business.  MADEC thank Mark for his valuable time as he was heavily involved with harvesting and was still able to find the time for this interview. How did you […]

FWA Omnibus Bill Changes

Industrial relations update While industrial relations can be a dry subject and many employers nod off just thinking about it, there are some important things happening at the moment.  Stay awake for just a few minutes and check this information out. The Fair Work Amendment Bill Changes are before Federal Parliament at the moment that […]

Finding & Keeping Workers – The New Challenge

It is now about twelve months since the COVID-19 pandemic started to have a significant impact in Australia, with the first national movement restrictions commencing on 18 March, 2020, followed by the closure of the international border two days later. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of overseas workers available for […]

Using a Labour Hire Provider (Contractor) – Important Tips

Using a ‘labour hire provider’ (or ‘contractor’) can be an easier way to meet labour demand. The contractor sources workers, provides payroll and other legal requirements, and may even organise transport and accommodation. However, growers need to be aware of some of the potential pitfalls associated with using a contractor. ‘Accessorial Liability’ Both the Fair […]

Crop Profile: Pomegranates – The fruit of the dead!

Referred to in Greek mythology as the fruit of the dead, pomegranates are believed to have arisen from the blood of Adonis.  Despite not being on the shopping lists of many Australian consumers, a small industry exists in our country. A brief introduction to pomegranates Pomegranates originate from western Asia in the area from Iran […]

AWU Challenge Horticulture Award piece rates

Just prior to Christmas 2020 the Australian Workers Union (AWU) lodged an application with the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to vary the Horticulture Award 2020. The application has two components: It seeks to install a ‘floor’ on piecework arrangements, so that the worker must earn at least the minimum hourly rate (presently $24.80 for casuals; […]

Regional Profile – Stanthorpe & Granite Belt

The cool, high country of the Stanthorpe region is located on Queensland’s southern border and the northernmost part of the New England Tablelands. The region is known as the Granite Belt due to the spectacular granite rocks found in the area. At 811m above sea level, the Granite Belt delivers four seasons a year where […]

Renmark Harvest Trail Service Office – Profile

The South East South Australia Region Harvest Office is located in Renmark in the main hub of the SA Riverland.  Renmark is located 254 km northeast of Adelaide, on the banks of the River Murray. The Sturt Highway between Adelaide and Sydney runs through the town. Apart from the Riverland, the Harvest Office also services the dryland farming areas to the south in areas such […]

Coffs Harbour

Where blue is the new black Most Australians will know of the Big Banana sitting prominently beside the Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour on the Northern NSW coast.  Built in 1964 to attract attention to a grower’s roadside stall, it lays claim to being Australia’s first ‘big thing’ and was indicative of the dominance of […]

Fair Work Commision – Wage Increase

Fair Work Commission – 1.75% increase to minimum wages The Fair Work Commission recently announced a 1.75% increase to minimum wages. This applies to all award wages. Increases to awards start on 3 different dates for different groups of awards. Essential services workers were the first to receive the increase, however, the Commission has staged […]