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Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru – all part of the 462!

Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Peru – all part of the 462! Recent changes to the 462 Work and Holiday Visa are likely to see increasing numbers of people from Asia, Eastern Europe and South America actively seeking horticulture work in Australia for periods of up to three years. So what is the 462 visa and why […]

Bonaccords Carmel Ingram wins award

Being presented with the Women in Horticulture Award at the recent Hort Connections Conference in Melbourne was a career highlight for East Gippsland farmer Carmel Ingram. The Ingram family are well known in the East Gippsland area. Their integrated vegetable production and transport business, Bonaccord, is named after the lane on which the family dairy […]

Labour Hire Update – for growers

Labour Hire Update Three states now have labour hire licensing laws – Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Is this a national trend?  Will growers in the other states find it more difficult to prove ethical sourcing of labour for their markets without the support of a licensing regime for their labour hire contractors (LHC)? Queensland […]

New Minimum Wage Rate announced

All growers and contractors should be aware that the Fair Work Commission (FWC) handed down its 2018/19 Annual Wage Review decision on 20 July 2019. The decision has increased the national minimum wage and the Modern Award minimum wages by 3% from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2019. The current […]

Labour Hire Update – for workers

Labour Hire Update Three Australian states now have labour hire licensing laws – Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. For anyone considering working for a business or individual who hires your labour to a farm, you will be better protected, but only if your employer is licensed. How does this help workers? There is quite a […]

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder   When you live in Canada, and your boyfriend lives in Australia, the heart-strings tug heavily to entice you to travel across the Pacific. That’s how it was for Bronagh Smyth, a young Canadian woman who joined her Canadian-Australian boyfriend in Adelaide in July last year.  Like a lot […]

Want to extend your working holiday? Ten top tips

  Backpackers make up a large part of Australia’s seasonal horticulture workforce. If you hold a working holiday visa (subclass 417 or 462), you can extend it for two or even three years, by working on Australian farms. You can do a lot to make finding this kind of work easier. Well-prepared travellers will be […]

Tax Time

The Australian income year ends on 30 June – do you need to do a tax return? If you work in Australia, tax will be withheld from your pay and you may need to lodge a tax return each year. The requirement to lodge a tax return will depend on how much income you have earned during […]