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A helping hand for workers

In good news for people looking for work in areas around Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, a new Harvest Office has opened in Gatton. Where is Gatton? Located 92km west from Brisbane and 38km east of Toowoomba, Gatton is the main town servicing the Lockyer Valley – an area of rich black soils, rated among the most […]

Carnarvon – A true oasis in the desert

If you haven’t been to Carnarvon, half way up the Western Australian coastline, you’re not alone. At 890km north of Perth, Carnarvon is pretty remote.  It is usually only visited by those travellers lucky enough to be travelling between Perth and Broome, or Perth and Darwin, on the North West Coastal Highway. The upside down […]

Read Charlotte’s questionnaire – A keen worker and holiday-maker from France

Charlotte came to Australia for an exciting travel adventure. The National Harvest Labour Information Service and MADEC’s regional Harvest Labour Service office were key to helping her find harvest work. We asked her a few questions to find out  about her experiences.  Read Charlotte’s response to our questionnaire to find out what advice she gives to […]

More work choices with a car

Having a car to get around Australia for a working holiday is highly recommended if you want a choice of jobs. Australia is big – very big. Many backpackers from Europe or Asia are very surprised at the large size of the Australian continent. While Australia is well known as an island, it is also […]

Third-year visa extension – make the most of it

Since changes were introduced in 2005 for the 417 Working Holiday Visa, backpackers have been able to get a second-year extension by doing three months of specified work in a regional area. The three months is often referred to as ‘88 days’. Recent changes now allow a third-year extension for both the 417, and the […]

Want to extend your working holiday? Ten top tips

  Backpackers make up a large part of Australia’s seasonal horticulture workforce. If you hold a working holiday visa (subclass 417 or 462), you can extend it for two or even three years, by working on Australian farms. You can do a lot to make finding this kind of work easier. Well-prepared travellers will be […]